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Kamis, 31 Juli 2008

Jimmy Eat World - Always Be Chord

Title      : Always Be
Artist     : Jimmy Eat World
Album  : Chase This Light

Intro: F Dm Bb

F Dm
Could've been a night like any other

One of us has to drive

One of us gets to think

F Dm
I'll force a laugh to break the silence

It's gonna get harder still

Before it gets easy

C Dm Bb
You can't keep safe what wants to break


I'm alone in this

Dm Bb
I'm all as I've always been

Right behind what's happening

She's all lost in this

Dm Bb
She's all like she'll always be

A little far for me to reach

F Dm
I was just a boy like every other

I thought I was something fierce

I thought I was ten times smarter

F Dm
Love would be something that I just know

(Something I just know)

C Dm Bb
I've been losing plenty since

Back to: Chorus

C Dm Bb
Maybe something else I'm missing

C Dm Bb
Something good and you’re the reason

C Dm Bb
It's a dream but there's a real long wedding

Back to: Chorus (x2)
Ending: F

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